Ranking The Banned Cannibal Films

Cannibalism. One of the most infamous and vile taboos in the world. Whenever we hear or see a story in the news which includes cannibalism, we are repulsed, but also intrigued. Generally, we may be disgusted, but that does not mean we are not interested in the story behind the horror. For example, the story … Continue reading Ranking The Banned Cannibal Films


Top Eight Most Gruesome Video Nasty Covers.

In the days of  the Video Nasty saga, most of the initial judgments against a film were due to the artwork on the VHS cover for the film. These lurid images of gore and grue were enough for some to deem a film vile or not fit for human consumption. While some of these covers offered … Continue reading Top Eight Most Gruesome Video Nasty Covers.