Reservoir Dogs – Review

I know what you are thinking. You are thinking "Reservoir Dogs? That was not banned, was it?". Well, technically yes, it was. Despite having a wide cinema release in 1992, the film never received a certificate for home release until 1995. Due to this, the film was given a second cinema release in 1994. Rumours … Continue reading Reservoir Dogs – Review


SS Experiment Camp – Review

On the Video Nasty list, there was the type of films you would expect. Slasher films, zombie movies and everything in between. But there was also a strange subgenre, referred to as Nazi-sploitation. They are essentially women in prison movies with more emphasis being placed on sadism, violence and degradation to the prisoners. The genre … Continue reading SS Experiment Camp – Review

Anthropophagus – Review

Sun. Sea. Sand. Slaughter. These things and more all exist in the 1980 Italian gorefest Anthropophagus, also known as Anthropophagus: The Beast and also The Grim Reaper. The story follows a group of tourists on a Greek island terrorised by a cannibalistic monster. Not much more to it than that. Anthropophagus is, pardon the pun, a … Continue reading Anthropophagus – Review