Fight For Your Life – Review

Across the reviews on this site, we have seen films banned for violence, sexual content and even blasphemy. We have seen films released and then pulled, we have seen films that will never gain a release and we have seen films that got released eventually. The subject of this film is a bit different. It is still banned, but more interestingly, it was mostly banned for the language used throughout the film. With this in mind, let us take a look at Fight For Your Life.

Fight For Your Life is the story of three escaped convicts, led by the racist redneck Jessie Lee Kane, who hide out in the house of Ted Turner, a black minister and his family. After a lot of racist language, some violence and rape, Ted decides to fight back to defend his family.


Despite sounding like a typical rape and revenge film, like I Spit On Your Grave or The Last House On The Left, Fight For Your Life is a different type of film. In fact, the most vile parts are not the rapes or the violence. For example, there is a scene where Kane forces Turner to sing and dance for him. It is genuinely nasty but it serves its purpose. The aim is to make Kane as vile and unlikable as possible, which scenes like this help to achieve.

Yes, Fight For Your Life is nasty, vile and tough to watch at times, like many films that ended up on the DPP list. But, unlike a lot of them, it is actually a pretty good film. Yes, the hideous racism has no place in any society but it serves its purpose. No one is supposed to watch it and care for Kane. The film is a fairly decent grindhouse movie. It is not for everyone, far from it. But, for fans of the genre or even as a cinematic curio, this is one that it might be worth checking out.


Let me preface this with the fact that I understand anyone who has objections against this film. I really do. It is nasty and filled with some truly hideous language. But, that being said, I think this one should be released. We have seen films released that are filled with racism and rape scenes. While it should most certainly be confined to adults, Fight For Your Life probably deserves to find an audience. But the audience need to be prepared for they would see. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen, as the original negative of the film was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. So, this is probably lost, aside from some releases elsewhere in the world.


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