Mikey – Review

Back in 2009, a horror film called Orphan was released. It was the story of a couple adopting a young girl, Esther, who has a dark secret. The film is pretty good and has a really solid twist. It is not a life-changing classic but is definitely worth a watch. Also, it came through the BBFC with no issues, gaining a 15 certificate. This is interesting, because in 1996, a film with a very similar plot, called Mikey, was refused a certificate and has never been granted one. It was due in part to the horrific James Bulger murder that happened in 1993. So, let us see if the film is ban-worthy, but also any good.


Following the murderous Mikey, we see him become adopted by a couple after he slaughters his family in the opening of the film, which the police blame on an intruder. He proceeds to cause mayhem in his neighborhood, including murder and a creepy obsession with the teenage girl who lives next door.

The murderous child is not an original idea. Plenty of films have done it, including the previously mentioned Orphan and the messy Macaulay Culkin movie The Good Son, but few have done it with such ineptitude as Mikey. The film is absolutely wretched. It looks dreadful, is filled with awful performances (with Brian Bonsall’s role as the titular Mikey the one possible exception) and at times is totally incomprehensible and too ludicrous for words. Some of the gore is passable but that is not a reason to watch this.

This is not a film I can recommend. It is a poorly acted, messy, badly shot and ridiculous movie. Avoid like the proverbial plague.


Hahahaha. No. Not in any way. I am fairly confident this would pass with a 15 today with absolutely no issue. There is little information on the BBFC website regarding Mikey but apparently, according to Wikipedia, so take it with a pinch of salt, they said in a reply to ann email sent to them in March 2016 that “the BBFC has not seen the film since 1996 and we have no power to review the original rejection unless a distributor resubmits the film to us. If the film were to be submitted again today, we would take a fresh look at it in line with current policy and the current classification guidelines, which came into effect on February 2014.” I have no doubt it would pass with no issue but I do not see it getting resubmitted. For such a poor, unknown movie, there is no point. Let us just leave this one alone.


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