The Bunny Game – Review

Black and white is an interesting design choice. When confronted with it, you need to ask why this stark lack of colour has been chosen. Is it due to style, necessity or some other reason which may not be relevant at the time? In the terms of horror, it could be to hide some of the sights that the audience is about to behold. Where does The Bunny Game fall in this spectrum?

The Bunny Game is the graphic story of a prostitute called Bunny, played by Rodleen Getsic, who is picked up by a trucker, played by Jeff Renfro, who proceeds to torture her, with particular emphasis on asphyxiation. He takes great pleasure in this, as it is clearly a form of sexual gratification for him.


This is a tough film to review, mainly because there is very little to discuss. It is the very definition of torture-porn. A film which focuses on torture with the aim to titillate or gratify its audience. It has very little if any redeeming value. It is dull, relentless trash. But, my biggest issue with it is that it believes that it is something more than it is. It acts like it is an art house movie with something to say. It does not. It is vile garbage which has no reason to exist. As much as I disliked The Human Centipede II, I would argue that it is a better film than this. It at least uses its monochrome style for a little more of a reason than this does.


With The Bunny Game, I can definitely see why the BBFC decided to ban it. It has no value and exists only to be torturous and nasty towards its female lead. In the statement that the BBFC put out when they refused it a certificate, they said that “the abuse of the kidnapped woman takes up the greater part of THE BUNNY GAME. The principal focus of the work is the unremitting sexual and physical abuse of a helpless woman, as well as the sadistic and sexual pleasure the man derive from this. The emphasis on the woman’s nudity tends to eroticise what is shown while aspects of the work such as the lack of explanation of the events depicted, and the stylistic treatment, may encourage some viewers to enjoy and share in the man’s callousness and the pleasure he takes in the woman’s pain and humiliation.

“It is the carefully considered view of the BBFC that to issue a certificate to THE BUNNY GAME, even if confined to adults, would be inconsistent with the Guidelines, would risk potential harm within the terms of the Video Recordings Act, and would accordingly be unacceptable to the public.”

While I am still not convinced on the argument of a film risking potential harm, I do not fault the BBFC with this decision. It is a nasty film and one I would avoid at all costs.


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