SS Experiment Camp – Review

On the Video Nasty list, there was the type of films you would expect. Slasher films, zombie movies and everything in between. But there was also a strange subgenre, referred to as Nazi-sploitation. They are essentially women in prison movies with more emphasis being placed on sadism, violence and degradation to the prisoners. The genre was home to such films as Love Camp 7, Gestapo’s Last Orgy and The Beast In Heat. But it was also home to one of the most notorious movies of the Nasty era. SS Experiment Camp.

Released in 1976, SS Experiment Camp is the story of sexual experiments being led by the camp commandant, Colonel von Klieben. The Colonel is also looking to have a different type of experiment performed to rectify an issue that he has. Throughout all this, there is romance, brutality and soft core porn.


It is also MIND-NUMBINGLY boring. Seriously, it is really dull. The plot is exactly what is described in the previous paragraph. There is nothing more to it. It is actually hard to find something to say as so little happens throughout the movie. One of the hardest things to do when reviewing films is when you have a film that gives you almost nothing to work with. It makes talking about it very tough.

The points that can be mentioned are the details that may be deemed the controversial elements. Firstly is the subject matter. Secondly, and the idea that I thought was the most offensive was the fact that these female prisoners actually enjoy these sexual experiments and hope for more. Considering the circumstances, that is the most distasteful element. The idea that Jewish prisoners would enjoy any type of sexual encounter with Nazis who were experimenting on them is truly abhorrent. Finally is the violence. There are only two scenes that come to mind. One is a quasi-crucifixion, which is tame but could offend. The other is a surgical procedure, which was laugh out loud bad.

All this adds up to is a very dull experience. Not good on any level. If you desperately want a film where fascists torture people, then go with Salo. It is a harder watch, but a far better film.


This is a matter of taste. It comes down to how disgusting you find the subject matter. If the details above do not bother you in any way, then it would come across as very tame. If the idea of consensual sex between Nazis and prisoners does offend you, give this one a miss. This was essentially what the BBFC said as well. When the film was granted a full release in 2005, they said that “despite the questionable taste of basing an exploitation film in a concentration camp, the sexual activity itself was consensual and the level of potentially eroticised violence sufficiently limited”. Overall, I would still say give this one a miss.


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