Anthropophagus – Review

Sun. Sea. Sand. Slaughter. These things and more all exist in the 1980 Italian gorefest Anthropophagus, also known as Anthropophagus: The Beast and also The Grim Reaper. The story follows a group of tourists on a Greek island terrorised by a cannibalistic monster. Not much more to it than that.

Anthropophagus is, pardon the pun, a rare beast. There is nothing in it that is really good or even that competent. The script is bad, the acting is laughable and the gore effects are not good in any form. Despite all that, I kind of enjoyed it. Sometimes a film falls into that small area of being enjoyable rubbish, and that is exactly the area Anthropophagus lands in. So bad they are good films can be the most fun that you can have with a film. They are not award worthy, they will not change your outlook on life or have any depth in any way, but they still have the power to entertain, for all the wrong reasons. Just look at the trailer below and you will get some idea of what I mean.


There is not much more I can add. If you are someone that can enjoy the more rubbish side of films, then you should be able to have some fun with this. As said, watch the trailer. If you see in that something that could entertain, then you probably would enjoy it to a point. If the trailer looks like a dreadful film to you, then avoid it.


This is one of the more gruesome films that was on the DPP list. As said, the gore effects are pretty bad but that does not make the acts any less nasty. On the list of visual atrocities are heads being pulled off, intestines being removed and in the visually most nasty part, a woman has her unborn baby ripped from her body and then devoured by the cannibalistic monster. The fetus-eating scene actually led some to believe that Anthropophagus was a snuff movie, which is of course a ridiculous concept. Looking back at it now, there is nothing that hideous. But back then, I can see how people reacted badly to it, even though the snuff film idea was still stupid.


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